2024 SFPA Scholarship Applications Now Available

2024 SFPA Scholarship Applications Now Available

Deadline Set For May 15th

2024 SFPA Scholarship applications are now available from our website.

One of the exceptional benefits of your SFPA membership is to provide opportunities for college scholarships to the children of your employees through the association. This year’s scholarship applications are now available with the deadline for submissions set for May 15th.

“We offer multiple scholarships to students who apply each year and look forward to reviewing this year’s applicants,” says Cecilia Brock, Chairman of the association’s scholarship committee.

Two types of scholarships are offered each year by the SFPA. Most notable is the Employee/Child Scholarship that enables the child to attend any accredited college with any major of study. This is a significant benefit, especially for plant workers who may be more interested in financial support for their child’s post-secondary education. Senior management at SFPA member companies will be provided with an electronic file of posters (one English, one in Spanish) that can be printed and posted in plant and office lunchrooms and bulletin boards. The posters offer information on how to download the scholarship application on the SFPA website and a QR Code to access the application via a smartphone.

Students are asked to complete the application form and e-mail the form to Executive Director Kay Rentzel by midnight May 15th.

A second scholarship is available to students in the Food Sciences and intended for universities aligned with southern states including North Carolina State, University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, Clemson University and University of Alabama. This scholarship is intended to further the valuable talent pool of food science graduates that can benefit SFPA member companies who may hire them as employees. Both the Employee/Child and the Food Science Scholarship applications are available now at https://sfpafood.org/scholarships/. 

Winners of the 2024 scholarships will be contacted prior to the SFPA’s annual convention and announced to the association’s membership at the event.